Nuflin is set out to accomplish one core purpose, build tools that work together to help wholesale and retail businesses in the consumer sector in Africa scale.

Just imagine how life would have been like back in the ’70s, ’80s, or even ’90s if African business owners had the kind of support designed to help them grow their businesses without increasing their operational cost? Exactly, life would have been a little bit easier. That was the driving force behind Nuflin, built to support Africans by digitalizing businesses and individuals in an emerging economy without changing how they operate.

We sincerely want to grow businesses. This is not just a claim, it’s the truth and that is exactly what our products are designed to do. To ensure the solutions we're building useful and needed solutions, we ensure that our scientific basis is based on feedback, we’re building solutions that are needed, we don't just jump to designing our products, no, we first communicated with potential customers and business owners to get firsthand information about the aid their business needs to grow, so we tailor our product to meet their need and provide information that will help them make strategic decisions and scaling the business in the process. 

We aim to make Africans, both on the business and individual level, embrace technology as an aid to achieving better result and growth in their day-to-day activities; not to change how people live their lives or operate their businesses, but rather to upgrade their means of achieving result and growth, providing an easy way for businesses to connect across Africa, which technology offers.

Nuflin Sales

The same is true for Nuflin Sales, is designed to help businesses scale by effectively managing their physical store by providing more value by rewarding they with up to or more than 6 million yearly based on their total yearly transaction, reducing expenses via tax support, making access, and payment of loans less inconveniencing, and accurately manage their customers, stock, finance and provide reminders, reports, and weekly updates.

This aid is aimed to reduce the weight of expenses shouldered by the business owner so they can focus on running their businesses.

Benefits of using Nuflin Sales:
1.An automated yearly rewards: Running a business is not an easy task, over and over again we're faced with unexpected expenses and change in the market like COVID-19, and this hurts and affects businesses in ways we can't predict. 

All Nuflin Sales users are entitled to receive more than or below 6 million at the end of a year's business as support for your next year of operation based on the business total yearly transaction.

This aid is aimed to reduce the weight of expenses shouldered by the business owner so they can focus on running their businesses.

2. Tax Support: Because we care about your business growth, we offer our customers ongoing support on tax by paying a fraction of it. Businesses can get up to or more than 10,000 monthly support on tax based on their monthly transactions.

3. Free internet access: Our clients have nothing to worry about on internet access costs. Nuflin sales can be accessed without data. Since our desire is to help businesses grow, we realized that the cost of acquiring steady Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi is challenging to our target market, that’s why we designed Nuflin sales to be accessible online with necessarily having internet data relieving our clients the monetary stress of using the app.

4. A No-Hassle loan provision: The biggest challenge facing many businesses in the consumer sector in Africa, is loan access without a convenient payment method. With Nuflin sales, our clients are not provided just a convenient means of acquiring loans to grow their business, but also a convenient repayment method. Should eligible clients request for a loan, they’re given a 19 months repayment model which is paid back via every successful transaction. With this loan provision, our clients can conveniently pay back their loans without breaking the bank.

What you will achieve using Nuflin Sales

1. Breaking the wall between local and supermarket

No matter how wealthy people are in Africa, they always visit the local market. You may ask yourself why? Well, there are many reasons for that. The most dominant reason is the feeling of control over what they’re buying, the power to negotiate prices, select what they want, and even demand discounts. This is how the local market operates.

Sadly today there is no wholesale or retail supermarket that offers such an experience because the various software that manages their businesses do not support flexible pricing and dynamic product listing which affects the business growth. Nuflin Sales breaks down this wall completely. It offers flexible pricing and supports adding price and offering discounts. With our dynamic measuring system, merchants can sell numerous products, and combined with our flexible pricing system, they can sell however they want.

2. Proper Analytics And Intelligent business Reporting
For a business to grow it needs money and the most efficient way to get this is through investment. Sadly, current inventory systems do a poor job at this; their arrangement and presentation of records makes it difficult to understand and doesn't provide adequate information to show that the business is worth investing in.
For an investor to invest in any existing company, they need access to records that shows growth or potentials for growth over a period of time, predictions that will boost their confidence in the business, financial reports to see how well the business manage, and account for the flow of finance in a modern and easy to understand graphical interface that they can interact with, not a long sheet of transaction. As we all know, facts don't lie, therefore, investors are likely to be unconvinced neither build enough trust to take a risk on the business.
In Nuflin Sales, records are well separated and organized, and grouped based on how they are connected. For example, merchants can comprehensively see their profit, losses, tax, creditors, and sales based on a branch by branch bases at a glance and literally compare with other branches. With a click, merchants can access individual records properly organized for investors to see how wonderful their business is doing.

3. 24/7 Access
Managing a business is not an easy task, business owners and managers work overtime 24/7 and sometimes they break down, I mean, come on, they’re only humans, and circumstances may prevent them from getting to their place of business to manage affairs. But they have to be there. So, how do they currently manage this? Most of the time they make their employees stay overtime waiting for their circumstances to get better so they come, thus exposing their employees to the dangers of staying out late.
Nuflin Sales run on browsers which simply means it can be accessed from anywhere with any device; it is modern, beautiful, with good user experience and high responsiveness on any device, 24/7 access because there is no internet charge attached to it. 

4. Easy way to Manage and Monitor Various Branches
A good amount of wholesale and retail businesses own at least two branches and more. Currently, they are managed separately and the business owners only access the report annually. The problem with this approach is that they receive information late and fall into a danger of miss management which will in turn lead to the fall of that specific branch.
However, Nuflin Sales gives merchants access to all their branches, their records, transactions, staff, and more as long as they have permission to access that information to inspect, spot errors, detect fraud and prepare ahead for briefing, all thanks to the control they have.

5. A Clean and Morden User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
The world is growing really fast. Think of how things were 20 years ago and compare it to now, you’ll agree that a lot has changed. Things look more beautiful and manufacturers pay so much attention to detail making sure they provide a good and unified experience. Take your car, for example, car manufacturers know how stressful it can be sitting for hours driving so they added AC to keep you cool, adjustable chair to make you comfortable, tinted glass to control the effect of sunlight all to provide you a pleasant driving experience.
Nuflin Sales, a well-designed software with a modern user interface, was built with consistency in mind for how it is structured to color management and very fast response all to give a wonderful experience. For example, red means danger, so when you see a red-colored button, your brain automatically makes you conscious so as to be careful and sure of your next action. In Nuflin Sales, we use statements instead of phrases, e.g. instead of “submit” we say “click to add the above as a product “ and we hold this so dear so as to create consistency and a smooth experience.

6. Constant of Adequate Support and Updates
Research shows that many business owners in Africa believe software is not designed to help their business survive, they feel software companies just want to charge them and when they can’t continue the payment, they leave without trying to put any effort to ensure the business survival in the market. Business owners often reach out to them when they’re in need of ideas, updates, and often ask for new features to aid growth, but they often get disappointed, no calls, no strategy in place to help the business survive, they just collect and as a result businesses tend to ditch their software when things go bad because they know the companies behind the software offers them little value.
Well, we are Africans in every inch you can think of, meaning we know how much life would have been better if our parents had support with their businesses, especially single parents, that is we center our entire business on this idea by making sure we make reach out to customer service easier, giving merchants the ability to request for features, setting strategies like rewards, Loans, free internet access and more making sure their business grow and survive.  

7. Reminders and Report
Business owners are very busy people and they often forget to check things and heavily rely on individuals for reminders. Over time these individuals due to one reason or the other tend to forget and the business suffers.
So many businesses have lost so much money to fraud from their employees because they could not sport things on time. With Nuflin Sales, business owners are reminded weekly of the status of their businesses alerting them to drop in sales or any suspected activities that need action to be taken and give reports on their business based on a branch by branch basis. 

8. Secured Data Storage
Data is everything. The importance of data cannot be overemphasized. However, the cost of storing, backing up, and protecting data is very high. Businesses are trying to reduce expenses not to create more and the wholesale and retail market in Africa tends to consider any expenses that involve tech as negligible hence trying to avoid it. Current inventory systems work offline due to this reason, hence exposing businesses to the danger of losing their data via unforeseen occurrences like fire, natural disasters, damaged hard drive, etc.
It’s not the same as Nuflin Sales is a cloud-based system with on implementation cost and maintainers cost on the merchant with a constant backup of data, meaning records cannot be lost to natural disasters, fire, or damaged hard drive because they’re well protected across multiple servers in multiple countries in different regions.

Nuflin Shop

Nuflin Shop is an e-commerce platform designed to provide brand identity, scaling, and advertisement to businesses making use of the Nuflin Scale application in their physical store.

Benefits of Nuflin Shop:

1. Brand Identity

Many wholesale and retail businesses in the consumer sector in Africa lack brand identity in other words people don't know what their business stands for. Our research shows that though businesses in the consumer sector may look similar, they're actually not, some major in selling only goods produced locally, or major in selling utensils and household items, or major in selling foreign foodstuffs and food items, or major in selling groceries, etc. yet people don't know them for what they truly are. Nuflin Shop provides these businesses with a large gallery of images of models unique to their business that properly represent their brand and the ability to announce their slug show to people what they truly are.

2. Scaling

For wholesale and retail businesses in the consumer's sector to reach out to more users and scale they need to open more physical stores at various locations. This approach is very expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to achieve. However, Nuflin Shop can get access to millions of users who these businesses can sell to regularly. This process of setting their online presence will take them less than 2 minutes to complete with no cost attached. 

3. Advertisement

For businesses to handle advertisements on their own is very expensive and it requires them to engage an advertisement agency or expert who will handle it. Nuflin as an organization will constantly advertise various products and businesses found in Nuflin Shop at a very significant low price which will save them a lot of time and money.

4. Free Delivery

The biggest challenge of selling online is getting the products delivered, this has made many of these wholesale and retail businesses shy away from moving online. However, using Nuflin Shop they don't have to worry themself about delivering their products because Nuflin will handle that for them.

What you will achieve using Nuflin Shop

1. Easy management of stocks

Nuflin Shop displays products that are sold in various branches of different business who makes use of the Nuflin Sales application in their physical store, in other words, the online shop "Nuflin Shop" and their physical store "Nuflin Sales" shares resources. Hence, the management of stock and finance happens in a place so no need f employing multiple users to manage multiple stocks.

2. Gowing Their Benefits of Nuflin Sales.

As they sell more online they, in turn, save more, gain more access to task support, grow their sale to acquire more loans, and grow their sales to quickly pay existing loans with ease, Hence, multiplying all the benefits they get from using Nuflin Sales.