After years of rigorous research and development, Nuflin is set out to accomplish one core purpose, building tools that work together to help wholesale and retail businesses in the consumer sector in Africa scale.

The heart of Africa's business is it's the wholesale and retail industry, which has been at a rapid rate. Well, not necessarily the entire wholesale and retail industry, study shows that wholesale and retail businesses in the consumer goods sector have received little growth rate despite the fact that they occupy the largest volumes of sales in Africa, with the aid of technology, we believe we can help scale these businesses and boost the economy by exposing businesses to more customers, supporting them by providing accurate information and effective business model, providing predictions that will help business owners make better strategic decisions, and grant them essay access to financial support, investors and more which they really need. As these businesses scale, this will in turn boost the growth of the economy.

We sincerely care

That is not just a claim, it’s the truth, our products are specifically designed to achieve just that.

To ensure the solutions we're building useful and needed solutions, we ensure that our scientific basis is derived from proper research and feedbacks. We don't just jump to designing products, rather, we make research, then communicate with potential customers and business owners to get firsthand information about how they feel about it to properly understand what their business need. We tailor our product to meet their need and provide a model that helps them scale and information that will help them make strategic decisions while offering constant support, maintainers, and update.

what is at the core of our products?